Jefferson County Auditor | Elections | November 5, 2019 General Election

The "Estimated Ballots Left to Count" does not include ballots postmarked on or before Election Day that may continue to arrive through the mail or ballots with signature issues that must be corrected before they can be counted.

A write-in candidate might not appear in election results if the total number of write-in votes is too small to affect the outcome of the election. (RCW 29A.60.021)

November 5, 2019 General Election

Last updated on 11/26/2019 2:35 PM

Chimacum School District No. 49 Director District 4
PrecinctTami RobockerMichael RaymondWRITE-IN
102 Port Discovery(*)***
200 Coyle680
300 Chimacum I153940
301 Chimacum II83700
302 Center I861010
303 Hadlock1811880
305 Irondale I137940
306 Irondale II2031480
307 Four Corners33220
308 CENTER II68270
401 Nordland2081510
500 Port Ludlow2701720
501 Port Ludlow I2451500
502 Port Ludlow II192890
503 Port Ludlow III1611470
504 Port Ludlow IV73790
505 Port Ludlow V1481100

* Precincts were consolidated to protect voter privacy.

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