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A write-in candidate might not appear in election results if the total number of write-in votes is too small to affect the outcome of the election. (RCW 29A.60.021)

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August 1, 2023 Primary

Last updated on 08/15/2023 12:34 PM

OAK HARBOR SCH 201 Director, Position 5
PrecinctSharon JensenAisha MayfieldWilliam "Will" SmithWRITE-IN
C WHIDBEY 0110766680
OAK HARBOR 011611221375
OAK HARBOR 025739562
OAK HARBOR 03118791242
OAK HARBOR 0410285990
OAK HARBOR 059060721
OAK HARBOR 065652510
OAK HARBOR 079381932
OAK HARBOR 085557540
OAK HARBOR 0982030
OAK HARBOR 102531260
OAK HARBOR 116954652
OAK HARBOR 124627360
OAK HARBOR 133227300
OAK HARBOR 1412843520
OAK HARBOR 155633361
OAK HARBOR 167559471
OAK HARBOR 175248580
OAK HARBOR 1821230
N WHIDBEY 068543480
N WHIDBEY 078983700
N WHIDBEY 0817369950
N WHIDBEY 098583483
N WHIDBEY 104415200
N WHIDBEY 112218100
N WHIDBEY 121611140
N WHIDBEY 175520
N WHIDBEY 18(*)****
N WHIDBEY 19(*)****
N WHIDBEY 0110649482
N WHIDBEY 029738651
N WHIDBEY 030260
N WHIDBEY 0410351481
N WHIDBEY 057765681
N WHIDBEY 139648700
N WHIDBEY 144920541
N WHIDBEY 159764712
N WHIDBEY 168239572

* Precincts were consolidated to protect voter privacy.

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