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A write-in candidate might not appear in election results if the total number of write-in votes is too small to affect the outcome of the election. (RCW 29A.60.021)

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August 4, 2020 Primary

Last updated on 08/18/2020 10:00 AM

Commissioner of Public Lands
PrecinctCameron WhitneySteve SharonHilary FranzKelsey ReyesMaryam AbasbarzySue Kuehl PedersonFrank WallbrownWRITE-IN
C WHIDBEY 015550168188128241
C WHIDBEY 021011024432410215532
C WHIDBEY 037470452248162370
C WHIDBEY 04104794122218169370
C WHIDBEY 0587504912111131421
S WHIDBEY 018971672219147531
S WHIDBEY 026461614278150550
S WHIDBEY 037067607324163505
S WHIDBEY 044747642235114430
S WHIDBEY 055050684286143490
S WHIDBEY 0669566631813143351
S WHIDBEY 0764495612110122600
S WHIDBEY 085060679327127320
S WHIDBEY 096346500294159471
S WHIDBEY 1047466062810146463
OAK HARBOR 0186862682911188395
OAK HARBOR 0269551712216143210
OAK HARBOR 03851032402413148250
OAK HARBOR 04111812633416123322
OAK HARBOR 0576742152912163311
OAK HARBOR 069375215171093431
OAK HARBOR 0798682772711138651
OAK HARBOR 08110741832311100440
OAK HARBOR 093719792233560
N WHIDBEY 06615213581076121
N WHIDBEY 0796962072013159230
N WHIDBEY 085458204104160141
N WHIDBEY 096559163217122240
N WHIDBEY 102527457143160
N WHIDBEY 11141743711890
CAMANO 0153602641211201300
CAMANO 029785374103241353
CAMANO 0378593782210248421
CAMANO 0494884113011276540
CAMANO 0510888318299250382
CAMANO 0698114381416237572
CAMANO 077483353307176310
CAMANO 0871812062511134252
CAMANO 099170343128196412
CAMANO 104962315229165340
CAMANO 117873383195164491
N WHIDBEY 01122712593512243290
N WHIDBEY 021091322483717198403
N WHIDBEY 0385661613911137293
N WHIDBEY 041331362382916265410
N WHIDBEY 056677132106106150

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