Whatcom County Auditor, Election Division
Whatcom County Election Division | February 13, 2018 Special Election

The "Estimated Ballots Left to Count" only includes ballots currently in our office. It does not estimate ballots that have not yet been received. Ballot signature cures and overseas ballots are not included and can be received up until the day before certification.

The "Next Ballot Count On" is an estimated time of when we will next release results.

A write-in candidate will not appear in election results if the total number of write-in votes is too small to affect the outcome of the election. (RCW 29A.60.021)

February 13, 2018 Special Election

Last updated on 02/22/2018 4:46 PM

Number of Precincts103
Number of Registered Voters78,787
Total Ballots Counted25,665
Estimated Ballots Left to Count
Next Ballot Count OnFINAL
Last Tabulated02/22/2018 4:46 PM
Voter Turnout32.58%
Certification Date02/23/2018
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Bellingham School District 501 Proposition 2018-1 General Obligation Bonds - $155,000,000
MeasureVoteVote %
Total Votes (not including write-ins)22,642
Mt Baker School District 507 Proposition 2018-2 Facilities and Technology Levy
MeasureVoteVote %
Total Votes (not including write-ins)2,994