Skamania County Auditor | Elections | August 2, 2016 Primary

The "Estimated Ballots Left to Count" does not include ballots postmarked on or before Election Day that may continue to arrive through the mail or ballots with signature issues that must be corrected before they can be counted.

A write-in candidate might not appear in election results if the total number of write-in votes is too small to affect the outcome of the election. (RCW 29A.60.021)

August 2, 2016 Primary

Last updated on 08/16/2016 1:29 PM

U.S. Senator
PrecinctPhilip L. CornellSam WrightChris VanceUncle Mover Zach HallerDonna Rae LandsMohammad SaidEric John MakusAlex TsimermanDr Pano ChurchillPatty MurrayTed CummingsThor AmundsonScott NazarinoMike LukeChuck JacksonJeremy Teuton
BEAR PRAIRIE50370020100030011210
MT. PLEASANT9033320030037114620
UPPER WASHOUGAL31550120120039306503
LEWIS RIVER00900001007000000
CAPE HORN51600251402430051102
NORTH BONNEVILLE486121121130793212314
ROCK CREEK2120112061023025001
MAPLE VIEW14141102251070027003
NORTH STEVENSON5033201030065001000
SOUTH STEVENSON357110010022013000
NELSON CREEK3317000230030000110
CARSON CREEK6039121040053000000
WIND RIVER2034104140040114300
HOT SPRINGS NORTH3018000070019102000
HOT SPRINGS SOUTH4132002042044112200
WIND MOUNTAIN1023020120034000121
UNDERWOOD NORTH7059110160055002412
UNDERWOOD SOUTH11125203030147016201

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